There has always been a U.S. Military presence at the American Legion Columbiana Street Fair. It may have gone mostly unnoticed but it is always there. It’s thanks to the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Whether they are Legion members selling raffle tickets and hamburgers or Veterans young and old attending the Fair just to enjoy the festive atmosphere, the U.S. Military is always present.
The 2017 Street Fair will see a military presence in a very real way as the U.S Marine Attack Helicopter Squadron 773 will fill the Columbiana skies and land for a visit at the Harvey S. Firestone City Park. In addition, an element of Youngstown’s own Combat Logistics Battalion 453 will be joining the helicopters on the ground. This event is scheduled for Friday, September 8th at approximately 9:00 am.

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AL Post 290 Honor Guard

Veteran Support Groups that will be represented at Event;

-Toys for Tots
-VA Homeless Outreach
-Troop and Family Assistance
-Veterans Financial Coach
-Columbiana County Veteran Rep. Workforce -Development
-Armstrong Cable “Healing Heroes”
-Vet Center “Readjustment Counseling Service”
-Point Man Ministries
-USMC Recruitment 
-American Legion Post #290h here.